Volume 5, Issue 2, March 2020, Page: 19-23
Management Experience in Fighting with COVID-19 and Other Aspects of Counteraction
Evgeniy Bryndin, Research Centre "Nature Informatic" of Technological Platform Future Medicine, Novosibirsk, Russia
Irina Bryndina, Pediatric Faculty of Novosibirsk State Medical University, Novosibirsk, Russia
Received: May 31, 2020;       Accepted: Jun. 11, 2020;       Published: Jun. 23, 2020
DOI: 10.11648/j.ajmse.20200502.11      View  379      Downloads  139
Testing is central, early detection of the virus minimizes its further spread and allows rapid treatment of the sick - said the head of the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kang Gyung Hua. He believes effective management and tests are key to our very low mortality rate. South Korea's health and public administration system was able to quickly protect the population from COVID-19 without the imposition of emergency measures. The adviser to the Swedish government and the Secretary-General of the World Health Organization, Yuhan Gizeke, told the RBC in an interview on May 5, 2020 that the authorities of the country relied on two measures in the fight against coronavirus whose benefit has scientific justification. First, we need to wash our hands, which we've known for 150 years. Second, social distance should be respected, that is, not to get too close to other people. Until May 5, 2020, Sweden recorded only 23216 cases of coronavirus infection. Developed countries have begun to develop a vaccine to combat COVID-19. Any vaccine contains a specific antigen - a protein that provokes antibody production - immune response. In the body antigen is met with specially adapted cells - macrophages. They get acquainted with the antigen and read information from it, - explains Alimbarov. - The obtained information they transmit to T lymphocytes, which in turn begin to change, and among them appear cells that will also participate in the immune process. T cells transmit information to B lymphocytes, which are converted into plasma cells capable of producing antibodies. Part of B lymphocytes is converted into memory cells. They store information about the antigen and, upon repeated encounter with a similar antigen, trigger an immune response (antibody formation) in a shorter time frame. The vaccine can be live (weakened virus), inactivated (dead virus) or vector - that's what the coronavirus vaccine will be. It contains a human-harmless adenovirus whose DNA contains the coronavirus gene. The adenovirus is then used as a delivery container.
Covid-19, To Work Quickly, To Do Many Tests, Biogenic Health Maintenance in Ontogenesis
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